How to make Eskimo with paper Plate

You Need

  • Falcon Paper Plate 9”
  • Blue A4 size paper
  • Black A4 Paper
  • Orange A4 Paper
  • Off white A4 Paper
  • Artificial Eyes
  • Glue stick
  • Falcon Plastic clear cup
  • Scissor

Step 1

  • Take a Falcon paper plate 9”

Step 2

  • Take another falcon pape plate 9” and place upside down, stick it with glue

Step 3

  • Take black/orange/blue/off-whitea5 size papers. Draw a finger shape on orange, 3 circles on black, gloves and feet shape on blue

Step 4

  • Cut each color paper according to the shape and separate from each other

Step 5

  • Start pasting one by one, feet then hands, then black circles in the middle , orange nose and plastic eyes with glue And Eskimo is ready